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About us

Polish-Ukrainian stomatology clinic Symbiotyka is one of few highly specialized medical institutions serving whole variety of dental services especially dental surgery, prosthodontics and microscopic endodontics. Prominent specialists, years of experience, attention to detail combined with cutting edge technologies guarantee the highest quality of work.


Lviv was founded in the mid-13th century and received civic rights in 1356. The Town undamaged by the Second World War is a multicultural place where west connects with the east. Everyone will find something for themselves: beautiful, old churches, museums, great monuments appealing with its charm to all history and art admirers; both traditional and modern cuisine restaurants as well as robust night life will be a treat for all seeking extra attractions. Foreigners often describe Lviv as the gate of Ukraine and compare it to Cracow or Prague. The Symbiotyka clinic is located in the central part of Lviv.

A Patient to cross the border has to posses a passport valid for at least 6 months on. We recommend the trip to Lviv by one of many European airlines. Clinic staff in consultation with a Patient reserves a flight, whose cost - depending on departure place - ranges from 200 to 400 EUR (200-300 GBP) for a return ticket.

Accomodation in Lviv - two options:

  • Hotel: price per night for 2 persons, depending on preferred standard: ap. 35-50 EUR (30-40 GBP)
  • Flat in the vicinity of the clinic: short term rental for 2 persons per week: ap 75-100 EUR (60-80 GBP)

In each of these options the Symbiotyka clinic assists carefully in all the actions necessary in the accommodation process. Our multilingual staff will provide answers to all questions concerning the stay in Lviv and any details concerning the treatment. Our main goal is to ensure total comfort from the very first contact with the clinic, through all trip arrangements, up to the end of treatment and the return to Poland. It is our highest priority that any Symbiotyka clinic Patient is free from worries. We guarantee that your trip will result not only in a beautiful, healthy smile but also a collection of unforgettable memories from the beautiful Lviv.

A must-know before coming to Lviv:

Most places in Lviv accept VISA and Mastercard payments. Should cash payment be preffered, we recommend a large network of money exchange points offering more attractive exchange rate than in Poland. If a Patient does not use own personal means of transport, for any Lviv drive-abouts it is advised to take advantage of affordable taxi-cabs; the average taxi fare is ap. 1EUR (1 GBP).

An exemplary visit - step by step

After making contact and expressing intrest in undergoing treatment in the clinic, relation between a Patient and the clinic is arranged in the following scheme:


  • a copy of a polish dental card (if existing)
  • a recent tomographic photo or a panoramic X-ray
  • Based on the provided info an offer for a Patient is prepared; it will contain a detailed plan of treatment with time frame + cost estimate
  • Sides set the time-span of the treatment with precise starting and ending points
  • Clinic staff in consultation with a Patient arranges convenient flight dates
  • A patient chooses from accomodation options suggested by the Clinic (one of the hotels or temporary tourist housing)
  • Depending on the selected mode of transportation (check tab Lviv), once in Lviv a Patient is collected by a dedicated rep of the clinic from a pre-agreed location (airport/bus/railway station/other location).
  • Shortly after check-in and refreshment, a Patient arrives in the clinic where the treatment based on a carefully prepared personal treatment plan is going to start .
  • The treatment takes place every day in the morning hours. Arrangement of leisure in the remaining part of the day will depend on the intensity of the treatment, individual preferences, and in particular will relate to Patient's mental/physical state. Also in this field the Symbiotyka staff will provide advice.
  • After all dental work is done a Patient settles the bill (card payment possible).
  • The priority of Symbiotyka clinic is our Patients' satisfaction that is why we guarantee the highest quality of performance.


The Symbiotyka clinic's mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive dental services according to a "one-stop shop" rule. Our important principle is an individual approach towards each patient realized in 3 stages:


Each first appointment begins with a detailed medical consultation. Depending on the nature and scale of a dental problem two methods of diagnosis are used:

·         Primary/basic diagnosis: consist of insightful overview of a Patient's dental state and recommendation of a preventive/curative plan

·         Advanced diagnosis: depending on a type and level of complexity consists of panoramic X-ray or computer tomography image and functional analysis of teeth followed by recommendation of preventive/curative plan

 Appropiate treatment

·         Preventive dentistry

·         Treatment of caries

·         Composite fillings and re-construction of teeth

·         Periodontology (treatment of gum diseases)/Preventive care

·         In order to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth we recommend regular check-ups consisting in professional cleaning and evaluation procedures. A standard hygiene session should be performed every six months. It takes from 1,5 to 2 hours depending on condition of teeth and includes tartar removal (scaling), polishing and varnishing with fluoride varnish.

 'Beyond' tooth whitening system

·         For beautiful smile and shiny white teeth, the Symbiotyka clinic offers cuttingedge whitening system branded Beyond. Whitening treatment is performed by an experienced Symbiotyka clinic dentist and takes from 45 to 60 min only. It is possible due to increased speed of whitening gel's penetration through enamel to the dentine being a result of extremely efficient Beyond Polus light emission accelerator. Whitening effect will last up to two years. Before whitening process is initiated a hygiene cleaning procedure has to be applied.


·         X-ray panoramic photo is a basic tool at the beginning of each treatment. The clinic has modern orthopantomograph and Yoshida point X-ray device which operates in a separate radiological chamber.


Symbiotyka clinic posseses a separate surgery room for we always make sure that any dental operation connected with implant insertion, impacted tooth surgical removal or enucleation of cysts, should take place in a fully controlled environment in order to prevent any complications on a Patient's side.

Microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment is performed only with a modern microscope Karl Kaps. The microscope allows the dentist to work on an extended operation field, which endorses efficient performance of activities such as: restoring patency of tooth, cleaning of a toothcanal, treatment  of tooth root perforation, scanning of a complex canal structure for removal of any remnants of broken tools after previous treatments.


·         Permanent metal and cosmetic "clear"  braces

·         Removable aligners


·         Porcelain-fused-to-metal, zirconium and allceramic crowns

·         Crown root inlays

·         Ceramic inlay

·         Orthodontic bridges

·         Veneers

·         Cast partial dentures

·         Express dentures resotaration/renovation

·         Dental nightguards

·         Implant system prosthetic restoration 


Painless dentistry for children and pregnant women with “Sandman Futura” system

Sandman Futura is an alternative for traditional procedures utilizing drill. Patients do not experience any discomfort caused by vibrations, noise or smell. Essential feature of this method is the lack of pain during the treatment which eliminates the necessity to apply anesthetics whose effects may cause discomfort.

Post-treatment care

Even after the treatment is completed we do not forget about our patients. 6 months after the last visit an attending cliniсian contacts their Patient to inquire about health and remind of a control visit. We treat our patients as we ourselves would like to be treated - with full attention and top quality service.

    Additional information

    • Arranging arrival details as well as communication with a Patient during the treatment is held in English (if necessary our staff is multilingual).
    • Any arrangements referring to the offer, costs, arrival, Lviv-stay organization, accommodation, etc. are handled by phone or e-mail.
    • After analyzing results of a tomography or panoramic X-ray photo we recommend “Skype” video conference with a Symbiotyka clinic stomatologist for Patients' comfort.
    • In case of an emergency our specialists are always available under a hot-line to provide assistance after working hours.



    fee (Euro)


    free of  charge                      



    Dental implants 

    Single dental Implant



    Insertion of  a dental Implant



    Insertion of next dental Implants


    Implant abutments



    Implant porcelain crowns



    Completed implants (implant + abutment + crown) 

    Multiple dental Implants restored with titanium abutments & porcelain crown



    Single dental Implant restored with titanium abutment & porcelain crown



    Single dental implant restored with Zirconia (white) aesthetic abutment & all ceramic crown



     Implant Supported Bridge Restorations

    3-Point porcelain bridge fixed to dental implants replacing 3 missing teeth in a row



    4-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 4 missing teeth in a row



    5-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 5 missing teeth in a row




    6-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 6 missing teeth in a row



    7-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 7 missing teeth in a row



    8-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 8 missing teeth in a row



     Full arch rehabilitations 

    Fixed implant supported bridge (one arch) with porcelain crowns over 8 implants



    Fixed implant supported bridge (one arch) with porcelain crowns over 6 implants



    Implant supported aesthetic overdenture 



    Oral surgery procedures 

    Atraumatic tooth extraction



    Surgical tooth extraction



    Socket Preservation



    Maxillary Sinus Lift (lateral wall)



    Ridge split



    Treatment of gingival recession (per single tooth)


    Endodontic treatment

    Single-rooted teeth (incisors & canines)



    Multi-rooted teeth (pre-molars & molars)



    Molar Apicectomy, perforation repair, root resection, intentional re-implantation, foreign body removal etc



    Cosmetic dentistry procedures 

    Teeth Whitening 



    Porcelain veneer



    All ceramic crown



    Aesthetic inlays and onlays



    White composite filings






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