At Symbiotyka we match the highest standards of Dentists and Clinics with lowest prices in all of Europe. Easily accessible with direct flights from the UK to Lviv, Western Ukraine.

Cost Advantage

Lower wages and living costs in Ukraine mean prices for Dental Treatment are between 40 – 70% cheaper than in the UK.

 Symbiotyka Dental Clinics

Founded in 2011, Symbiotyka Dental Clinics has established itself as one of the leaders in the field of Dental Treatment abroad. Our excellent reputation has been earned by the consistent high quality and outstanding results provided by our highly qualified and experienced Dental and Technical teams. Symbiotyka Dental Clinics standards conform to and often exceed all the most stringent of EU regulations and requirements.
The dentists who work at Symbiotyka have all been selected for their qualifications, expertise and experience. Most have now been working at Symbiotyka Dental Clinics for many years ensuring you receive continuity of service.