ALL ON 4 / 6 / 8 in Ukraine

Full mouth dental implants abroad

The concept of ALL ON 4 / 6 / 8 treatment is to restore the dentition as quickly as possible on the entire jaw. Thus, you get a perfect smile in just 1 day. The treatment consists in installing 4 / 6 / 8 implants on 1 jaw and fixing an orthopedic structure to these implants. In this way, you restore the entire smile at once, and not each individual tooth.

Why should ALL ON 4 / 6 / 8 be held at SYMBIOTYKA?

  1. Instant result. By contacting SYMBIOTYKA, you will not spend a single day without teeth, and immediately after the operation you will leave the clinic with a renewed smile.
  2. Comfort. Each stage of treatment will be painless. In addition, you will receive constant support and control of the result during the entire treatment stage.
  3. Aesthetics. Everyone will admire your renewed smile! No one will doubt that this is an orthopedic structure, and not your own teeth.
  4. Complexity. SYMBIOTYKA will provide you with treatment by highly qualified doctors, which will allow you to solve any dental problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  5. Security. At each stage of treatment, we use only biocompatible materials that have a positive effect on the treatment process. In addition, SYMBIOTYKA is recognized as a safe clinic for treatment in Ukraine!
  6. Guarantees. We are confident in the quality of our treatment, which is why we provide the longest guarantees among all clinics in Ukraine!
  7. Clarity. Before the treatment, you will have the entire list of visits and the estimate, which will remain unchanged! After the treatment, you will be provided with all relevant documents about the treatment and guarantees for it.
  8. Trust. 95% of our patients trusted us because of the quality and successful treatment of their friends/relatives/children. We have treated more than one generation of families who started their journey with us at the beginning of our activity.
  9. Speed. SYMBIOTYKA offers high-quality and fast dental care, because the whole team will work with you, not just 1 doctor.
  10. Experience. For 11 years in a row, we have been improving patients’ quality of life and giving them self-confidence through professional, innovative treatment.
  11. Digital technologies. SYMBIOTYKA is one of the few clinics in Lviv that plans treatment using the latest digital programs. This approach allows you to reduce possible risks during treatment to a minimum.
  12. Team. SYMBIOTYKA employs the best dentists in Lviv, who are members of international associations and, in addition to the treatment process, are engaged in the training of colleagues.


ALL ON 4 dental implants costs include: Swiss STRAUMANN implants - best dental implants in the world, abutment (zirconium) and temporary orthopedic construction on implants, made in our own dental laboratory, doctor work, local anesthesia and lifetime guarantee

Name of Service Price, EUR
ALL ON 4 (upper / lower jaw) same day 2960
ALL ON 6 (upper / lower jaw) one day 4100
ALL ON 8 (upper / lower jaw) same day 5200
Full mouth dental implants All on 4 (2 jaws) same day 5920
Full mouth dental implants All on 6 (2 jaws) one day 8200
Full mouth dental implants All on 8 (2 jaws) same day 10400

Our achievements

  • Official Training Partner "Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology"

  • SYMBIOTYKA Clinic is a co-founder of the Lviv Medical Tourism Cluster

  • Audit - a clean clinic is safe for the patient

  • Periodontologist of the year in Ukraine in 2017

  • Straumann Certification (Switzerland)

  • Сertified by UEA

  • Hygienist of the Year in Ukraine in 2013

  • Training base hygienists CLUB

  • Key Partner Dentsply Sirona