Root canal treatment

The root is a peculiar foundation of the tooth, depending on its condition, whether the tooth can perform a vital chewing function. The root of the tooth contains special channels: tubes, the thickness of human hair). It is they who have a pulp – soft tooth tissue. The pulp consists of nerve fibers, blood vessels and lymph vessels.

If the caries is not cured on time, it gradually spreads to the depth of the tooth, and eventually leads to infection, inflammation and death of the pulp. The inflamed tooth reacts to stimuli, for example, to cold and hot drinks and dishes, with long-lasting pain sensations. There are cases when the infection remains unnoticed until it is detected on an X-ray.

If inflammation is not treated, the infection will necessarily cause bone destruction, purulent inflammation, and, consequently, weaken the entire immune system. The timely treatment of the roots of teeth is the only solution in such a situation.In the SYMBIOTICS clinic the roots of teeth are treated by advanced protocols and using modern materials. We also use high-tech equipment, for example, in our arsenal there are three stereomicroscopes from top brands such as Carl Zeiss (Germany), Leica (Switzerland), Kaps (Germany). Our specialists were one of the first in Ukraine to start working with these technologies in 2005. And from 2011 on the basis of our clinics the training (theoretical and practical) for doctors-dentists, who wish to master this method of treatment is conducted.

Patients at the SYMBIOTICS clinic can be sure of the quality and safety of endodontic treatment. Trust the best, sign up for treatment.