Even such sad occasions as tooth loss (or teeth) can be corrected in the SYMBIOTICS clinic. Instead of using uncomfortable removable dentures or suffering in the absence of a tooth, you can take advantage of world practice and install dental implants (artificial roots).

In this serious business, the predictability and safety of treatment is important, so we adhere to the following principles:

  • Our surgeons are constantly learning and improving (not only theoretically, but practically, it’s very important!)
  • We make sure that the materials from which the implants are made are inert to the body (that is, they are well absorbed with the human bones). After analyzing a large number of manufacturers and systems, we chose the implants of the Swiss company STRAUMANN. This is the implant system number 1 in the world, which best fits in the human body. Approved in over 3,000 scientific studies.
  • Treatment is based on established medical protocols, which guarantee long-term results.

We are pleased to announce that this year the SYMBIOTICS clinic was the first in Ukraine to receive the honorary title “STRAUMANN Gold Provider”. STRAUMANN (Switzerland) recommends a SYMBIOTICS clinic for patients requiring implant care

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