Dental implants in Ukraine

Dental implant abroad

Specialists in dental clinics Symbiotyka restore Patients natural beautiful smile and full comfort in every day’s activities such as eating food. Our priority is to provide lasting and safe solutions, because inserting implants is an investment for life. During the implant treatment, we use the world-class system of the Swiss company Straumann created in 1954, offering its products in 60 countries, including Poland.

The results of more than 3,000 clinical trials conducted over the last 40 years clearly indicate that the offered implants are characterized by the highest percentage of assimilation by the body (98.8%), among all registered systems.

The Symbiotyka Clinic was the first in Ukraine to receive the “Gold Supplier” certificate from Straumann. This award gives our patients an additional guarantee that treatment in our clinics is at the highest world level.


Cost of 1 dental implant include: Swiss STRAUMANN implants - best dental implants in the world, abutment (zirconium) and metal-free veneer 360 made in our own dental laboratory, doctor work, local anesthesia and lifetime guarantee

Name of Service Price, UAH
Dental implant STRAUMANN + abutment (zirconium) + veneer 360 (metal-free) Econom 34200
Dental implant STRAUMANN + abutment (zirconium) + veneer 360 (metal-free) Standart 41500
Dental implant STRAUMANN + abutment (zirconium) + veneer 360 (metal-free) Premium 44200




Our achievements

  • Official Training Partner "Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology"

  • SYMBIOTYKA Clinic is a co-founder of the Lviv Medical Tourism Cluster

  • Audit - a clean clinic is safe for the patient

  • Periodontologist of the year in Ukraine in 2017

  • Straumann Certification (Switzerland)

  • Сertified by UEA

  • Hygienist of the Year in Ukraine in 2013

  • Training base hygienists CLUB

  • Key Partner Dentsply Sirona


Why should you choose dental implantation abroad at the SYMBIOTYKA clinic in Lviv?

In this serious matter, predictability and safety of treatment are important, so we:

  1. Our dental clinic provides a lifetime guarantee for installed Swiss STRAUMANN implants.
  2. We are the first in Ukraine to receive the honorary title “Straumann Golden Provider”.
  3. We make sure that the materials from which the implants are made are inert for the body (they take root well with human bones).
  4. Dental implantation (installation of implants) is carried out according to established medical protocols that guarantee a long-term result.
  5. We constantly improve our skills by attending European courses and seminars;
  6. In our dentistry, you will be provided with the entire range of services you need before, during and after dental implantation (3D diagnostics, 3D dental implant templates) in one place.
  7. Most importantly, the SYMBIOTYKA clinic has its own dental laboratory. This is a significant saving of time, money and a guarantee of quality.
  8. Therefore, we are happy to help you with our many years of experience in solving this issue – high-quality dental implantation in Lviv.

Dental implantation abroad – types in the SYMBIOTYKA clinic in Lviv

In the SYMBIOTYKA dental clinic, we offer the following types of implantation:

  1. One-stage dental implantation (tooth extraction and implantation in 1 day)
  2. Two-stage dental implantation.

Stages of dental implantation in SYMBIOTYKA

A special feature of implantation at SYMBIOTYKA is taking into account both medical indications and special wishes of patients regarding the result. If you value your time and money and want to get the maximum result in Lviv, we are waiting for you in our clinic.
In most cases, dental implantation for a patient occurs in two stages.

  1. During the first visit, all necessary diagnostic information is collected for planning and carrying out dental implantation. All necessary diagnostic measures are carried out directly at SYMBIOTYKA: computer tomography, digital modelling of future teeth, virtual implantation protocol, drawing up a complete treatment plan and estimate, making a navigation template for precise positioning of the implant during the operation, coordinating the treatment plan with the patient, selecting implants and orthopaedic construction.
  2. After that, the implantation surgery takes place at the next visit.

Pay attention! SYMBIOTYKA implantologists are able to perform bone tissue plastic surgery at the same time as tooth implantation. Therefore, if necessary, you will be spared extra visits, stress and additional costs.

How does the virtual dental implant abroad planning work?

After the initial examination of the oral cavity, computer tomography and taking of digital impressions, implantation planning takes place.

In fact, at the planning stage, a virtual operation (simulation of an operation) takes place without the participation of the patient, where we calculate and eliminate all risks and obstacles that could arise during a “live” operation. A surgeon, an orthopedist and a dental technician-designer take part in the planning.

How long does dental implantation take?

The duration of dental implantation depends on several factors:

  1. What is the volume of bone and mucous membrane left in the place of the missing tooth.
  2. Are there any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (periodontitis, etc.)

Depending on the previous indicators, our implantologists will offer you the optimal term for installing implants. It can be implantation in one day.

How soon will you have a new tooth?

The principle of treatment at SYMBIOTYKA: the patient should not be without teeth for a single day. In most cases, temporary teeth are installed at SYMBIOTYKA immediately after the implant surgery.

Once the doctor is satisfied that your implant has taken root, the temporary crown on the implant can be replaced with a permanent crown. This usually occurs two months after implantation. In this way, you get a new full-fledged tooth in two visits to SYMBIOTYKA. You will be able to eat, with a little care, and most importantly, the people around you will not even know that you are in the process of dental implants.

FAQ about dental implants

What is the cost of dental implants in Lviv

The cost of one tooth implantation starts at EUR 810 and includes: Swiss STRAUMANN implants, abutment (zirconium) and metal-free crowns made in our own dental laboratory, doctor’s work, local anesthesia and LIFETIME warranty on the implant and the doctor’s work. The price for ALL ON 4/6/8 implantation starts from EUR 2960.

How to choose dental implants: reviews

In the SYMBIOTYKA clinic, we use Swiss STRAUMANN implants as a standard – the No. 1 implant system in the world. We install only these implants to our patients, because we are sure of the quality and result. That’s why we offer a LIFETIME warranty

How long does the implant take root?

As practice shows, the average time of engraftment without prior bone plastic surgery is 2-4 months. After bone plastic surgery – 6-9 months. It all depends on your situation.