Organization of the visit

You can reach Lviv in many ways:

  • by car – through one of the eight Polish-Ukrainian border crossings;
  • by plane – from main European cities flights are served by Ryanair and Wizzair budget lines;

The patient crossing the border must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

After establishing contact and patient wishing to be treated in Symbiotyka clinics, the Patient-Clinic relations are arranged according to the following scheme:

Delivery of the following information by the patient in an electronic version to the clinic staff:

  • several photos of the current state of teeth made with a camera or smartphone;
  • current x-ray image of dentition.

Individual offer and initial treatment plan:

  • based on the information provided, then a detailed offer is preparedfor the patient containing an estimate, the scope of work, the number of visits, and the estimated period of treatment;
  • the parties set the date of arrival and then the beginning and the end of treatment;
  • from the accommodation options offered by the clinic in Lviv, the patient chooses the most convenient option for themselves (hotel or apartment).


  • depending on the chosen means of transport, upon arrival in Lviv the patient is picked up by a dedicated representative of the clinic at the previously agreed location (airport / bus / train station / other location);
  • after checking into your chosen accommodation and rest after the trip, the patient reports to the clinic for the first, previously arranged visit, during which detailed diagnostics and treatment process begins, based on the previously prepared and currently verified medical plan;
  • arrangement of free time between subsequent visits of the patient in the clinic depends on the intensity of treatment, individual preferences, and in particular the patient’s well-being. The Symbiotiks staff will serve you with all necessary help and advice on how to make your stay in Lviv tourist-friendly.
  • all arrangements regarding the offer, price list, organization of stay in Lviv, including travel, accommodation, are carried out by telephone or via email. For greater patient comfort, we launched the possibility of conducting a video conference “SKYPE” with the participation of a specialist from the Symbiotyka clinic;
  • The price of staying at the Hotel, depending on the preferred standard, is around EUR 25-100/ 2 persons;
  • short-term renting of an apartment near the clinic – the price per week of stay is approx. EUR 120-200 / 2 persons;
  • in the clinic we accept card settlement as well as in cash (PLN, UAH, EUR, USD);
  • the majority of transactions in Lviv can be made using the VISA / Mastercard;
  • in case of willingness to exchange cash, we suggest using local currency exchange offices offering a more attractive exchange rate than in EU;
  • in the absence of your own means of transport, it is worth using Uber or local taxis (the average price of the course is about EUR 4 one way).