Crown tooth in Ukraine

We are one of the few clinics in Ukraine that offers its patients digital metal-free crowns on teeth and implants made using the CEREC 3D digital system (CAD/CAM) in our own SYMBIOTYKA Lab dental laboratory.

We will help you completely restore the shape of the tooth, its functionality and good appearance with the help of metal-free crowns made according to your individual parameters and wishes.

What is a tooth crown?

A crown on a tooth is an orthopedic construction, a kind of cap that is put on a tooth for its preservation or aesthetic correction. The crown completely reproduces the shape and color of a natural tooth, so you don’t have to worry that it will be visible when you smile.



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In SYMBIOTYKA we use ceramics and zirconia - best material for dental crown (metal free). Cost of tooth crown include: cost of taking impressions, modeling, manufacturing the required number of temporary and permanent crowns, fixation at the intermediate and final stages + warranty, according to the type of crown chosen. Price per 1 tooth

Name of Service Price, UAH
Front / molar tooth crowns Econom+ (zirconium crowns metal free) 9500
Front / molar dental crowns Standart (zirconium crowns metal free) 11000
Dental crowns for front / molar teeth Premium (ceramics crowns metal free) 12500

Our achievements

  • Official Training Partner "Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology"

  • SYMBIOTYKA Clinic is a co-founder of the Lviv Medical Tourism Cluster

  • Audit - a clean clinic is safe for the patient

  • Periodontologist of the year in Ukraine in 2017

  • Straumann Certification (Switzerland)

  • Сertified by UEA

  • Hygienist of the Year in Ukraine in 2013

  • Training base hygienists CLUB

  • Key Partner Dentsply Sirona


Which dental crowns are best?

Definitely metal-free crowns! These are modern, ultra-thin and highly aesthetic crowns on the teeth! In addition to their unsurpassed appearance, metal-free crowns have much better contact with the gums, do not cause allergic reactions, do not change their original color over time, do not chip, and do not require a lot of tooth grinding for their installation.

Let’s tell in a little more detail in comparison.